Six Effective Lead Nurturing Campaigns Techniques

As companies adopt inbound marketing as a way to generate more leads, the importance of having an effective lead nurturing strategy becomes very clear. In most cases only a relatively small percentage of your inbound leads will be ready to make an immediate purchase, leaving a majority of your inbound leads on the table.

You need to ensure that you nurture these leads to improve the chance of getting sales from these leads. Research shows that nurtured leads produce on an average 20% increase in sales opportunities versus non-nurtured leads. (Demand Gen Report)

Brian Caroll, CEO of Markempa wrote “Consistency and relevancy is key. Don’t let up. Be consistent. No matter how busy you make time to do lead nurturing activities”

These are the Top 6 most effective Lead Nurturing campaign techniques which you can choose from:

  1. Welcome Campaign: These campaigns follow the action by a lead such as subscribing to a blog or signing up for a trial. It aims to establish a rapport with the lead and give them a hint of what to expect next in terms of content or in the case of a trial what are the steps they need to take. A welcome campaign is also useful when you sign up a customer and you need to nudge them into action to get started on an engagement. This campaign starts with a personal greeting giving the user a choice of how they would like to view information in terms of frequency and topics. This is also an opportunity to recommend other related content to them.
  2. Information Sharing or Newsletter Campaign: An Email Newsletter campaign focuses on sharing information and content with the lead which is not necessarily created by you. It can be a collection of external links, videos, slideshares, downloadable pdf files which are collated around your focus topics and shared on a periodic basis. This campaign helps you stay in the mind space of the lead and also helps establish your companies position as someone who is in touch with the latest trends.
  3. Event Campaign: A Nurture campaign can be put in place to build up excitement and drive attendance/registrations for an event you are participating in, this email campaign will share snippets about the event and urge the user to participate. If it is a live event, you can also share highlights of the day with the same audience. Post-event participation, a Nurture campaign can be used to stay in touch with the participants and move them towards a sales engagement.
  4. Product Education Campaign: This campaign ensures that the prospect understands and has enough knowledge about your product and that they are getting the right information. The campaign should be structured around your prospects pain points, how your product is beneficial to them. For this campaign, content such as customer testimonials, data sheets, customer forums, and case studies can be used.
  5. Promotional/Referral Campaign: You can keep leads briefed about various promotional offers you have on your product, you can also have a referral incentive for existing customers. This campaign has to be less frequent and timed in such a way that the lead has reached a consideration stage of their buyer journey before s/he receives a promotional offer email.
  6. Re-engagement Campaign: A large part of your audience will be less active or dormant, you will have to keep trying to engage with them to make them more active so that you can learn more about their needs and make the appropriate sales pitch. Such an email campaign is known as a Re-engagement Campaign. This campaign will start with calling the lead out followed by action triggers such as a content offer or contact information revalidation and offers to try and elicit a response from them. They can also be prompted to unsubscribe if they do not respond. This type of automated campaign will help to ensure that you are always engaging with an active user base and you are able to convert more leads to customers.

An important element that needs to be put in place on your Marketing Automation Platform is known as Lead Scoring. This element complements Lead Nurturing and completes the customer engagement and qualification process. With Lead Scoring in place, you will be able to identify an active user and ensure that the sales team is following up with leads who were dormant but became active once again thanks to your Lead Nurturing campaign. I will speak more about Lead Scoring in a Blog that will follow.

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