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Camp Ally – SI Partner (SIP) Programme

Marketing automation is the fastest growing segment, poised to grow to $36.5 billion by 2025, with rapid adoption by large scale and MSME enterprises across industry verticals. Become a CAMP ally and grow your revenues as you help transform businesses and help them earn more.

Become A SIP Ally Because

Get Martech enabled
Get Sales enabled
Become a complete solution for customers

Platinum – 3 CAMP Enterprise per Qtr

Gold        –  3 CAMP Standard per Qtr

Silver      –  3 CAMP Lite per Qtr

Use CAMP for referral programmes
Co-market for better returns
Implement CAMP for SI programmes

Enjoy recurring revenues

Employ CAMP for your own business

Become a certified SI Partner

Use marketing collaterals

Get trained for better sales

Become an ally and profit from. Get started today.

Camp Ed – Training Partner Programme (TPP)

With every industry vertical from BFSI to Government sectors and more turning to marketing automation, training is integral to businesses and help users to maximize its potential. Become a training partner and help businesses learn while you earn.

camp ed training partner

Enabling Institutes To Deliver Martech Training

Few courses offer in-depth training

Online courses are expensive or very basic

Customers and partners benefit

Hire staff

Market the programme

Enroll students

Impart training

Platinum –    2000+ enrollments p/year

Gold        –    1000-2000 enrollments p/year

Silver      –     500-1000 enrollments p/year
Registered – 100-500 enrollments p/year

Education version of course content available

Train the Trainer programmes available

Get CAMP Ed certified

One-time sign-up fee

Per enrollment variable fee

Annual renewal with upgraded version

Be part of Martech revolution

Equip yourself with the latest marketing automation technology knowledge

Train and reap rewards

Earn while others learn. Get started today.
camp partner ad

Camp Ad – Agency Partner Programme (APP)

Take advantage of CAMP and equip yourself to grow your client’s business and deliver value at scale, with a marketing automation technology platform, that in turn is going to grow your business. Deliver more for every marketing dollar you spend and see your revenues grow.

Experience business growth as an Agency Partner

Equipping you to deliver tech-led campaigns

Enjoy more retainer-led clients

Start more customer engagements

Co-market with your partners and clients

Platinum –    25+ clients on board

Gold        –    25 clients on board

Silver      –     10 clients on board
Registered – 5 clients on board

Free sign-up with minimum clients on boarded

Enjoy agency partner margins

Become part of Martech revolution

Become a tech-driven agency

Enjoy versatility to service any industry

Become a certified agency partner

Deliver marketing that grows your client’s business and yours.

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