Plan. Execute. Analyse. Repeat.

With features that allow you to extract more value.

Don’t Struggle To Make Your Marketing Strategies Work!

As an emerging business you have a million and one things to take care of. But it’s marketing strategies which, when executed well, will reap dividends. Going to market with your product or service requires a data-driven, smart approach that takes the opacity out of marketing and gives you transparency, ROI, and time to focus on strategies with simplified automation.

Outcompete Your Rivals With Marketing Automation!

63% of companies who use marketing automation are crushing the competition. As a distributed enterprise, your primary goal is to ensure that your Marketing Automation Platform (MAP) gives you scale, is designed for multi-tenancy, can help execute multiple types of engagement and delivers measurable value for every marketing dollar spent.

Camp – From Channel-Centric To Business-Centric

Marketing automation that goes beyond email, social, mobile or other channels and does a lot more to give your customers a seamless and powerful customer experience to create business impact. From product launches to feature updates to exploring new markets, the modern distributed enterprise or the smart and savvy emerging business both, need marketing automation capabilities that will support your teams, integrate with existing CRMs and help you manage your brand with greater control, consistency, and efficiency.


Set campaign objectives
Input budgets
Decide your TG
Compare previous objectives


Unlimited SMS campaigns
Unlimited Email campaigns
Unlimited Web campaigns
Unlimited Social media campaigns
Unlimited contacts


Website traffic
Buyer behavior
Web page analysis
Time spent
MQL leads
Costs per lead
Costs per acquisition


Discover hidden visitors
Web call-back to anonymous visitors


Content personalisation
Contextual content based on buyer funnel
Increase 'sell' probability


Share content assets with channel partners
Provide communication templates
Monitor partner-generated demand
Execute campaign in multi-geos
Maintain consistency of campaign messaging by minimizing duplication and reducing errors
Improve campaign visibility with aggregated dashboards

Feature Rich. No bloat.

Features designed for optimizing your campaign

Track Your Campaign

Measure your campaign performance across channels and get insights into customer behaviour, enabling continuous improvement and more effective campaigns.

Convert Leads Faster

Understand what’s creating maximum customer impact, from emails to landing pages, and customize it easily and rapidly for better conversions.

Automated Email Marketing

Create professional custom landing pages without a single line of code. Send promotional emails, newsletters, surveys and more with pre-designed templates and one-click distribution.

Effective Social Media Marketing

Post your ads on FB or promote your brand on Twitter, listen closely to audience response on social media platforms and improve the quality of your engagement.

Campaign in a Box

Create campaign assets with the right messaging and assets and deliver it to your partners for further localization, resulting in greater consistency, control and effective lead nurturing.

More Accurate Forecasts

Discover answers to questions like “where are my buyers coming from?” or understand the buyer journey better for effective campaign management yielding better ROI.

Camp Platform

Ready to automate your marketing?