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    World-class customer experiences need not be delivered only by Enterprises!

  • Partner Marketing

    Achieve the perfect marketing synchrony
    with your channel partners

  • Emerging Businesses

    Always-on automated campaigns that accelerate sales

  • Partner Marketing

    When all your channel marketing partners
    perform as an ensemble

Camp. An intuitive and integrated multi-channel marketing automation platform
Manage your entire marketing campaign lifecycle with Camp, that's designed to deliver practical and actionable results giving your business the 'leads' it deserves.

CamPlan - Plan your campaigns objectively and measure effectiveness

Eliminate tedious excel sheets by automating your campaign plans by defining objectives, budgets and analyze campaign performance.
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CampAct – Experience the power of intelligent automation

Accelerate your marketing campaign execution with seamless multi-channel distribution.
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CampLyt - Course correct with data-driven campaign analytics

Identify campaign performance markers and optimize the efficacy of every dollar spent with real insights.
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CampCall– Engage with the 99% who go unattended

Engage without pressing the anonymous visitors to share their phone/email.
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CampConnect - Deliver contextual and personalized interactions

Orchestrate your potential buyer’s journey with relevant content to influence buying decisions.
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CampStream - Ensure brand promise integrity across partners

Share campaign assets across all content classes such as email, social media messages or Landing pages, to maintain consistency, integrity and continuity of brand messaging.
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Highest Return on Marketing Investment

Partner Marketing

Equip your channel managers to track campaigns with a unified dashboard and monitor performance with a powerful Through Channel Marketing Automation (TCMA) platform that helps you achieve greater ROMI on your Market Development Funds (MDF).

Plan your marketing spends better

Emerging Businesses​

Get hold of the 57% sales leads that tend to disappear into the abyss due to lack of an integrated marketing automation platform. Maximize data-driven marketing and grow your business.

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