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The multi-channel marketing automation platform that yields more Return on Marketing Investment.

Camp. Simplified campaign management for emerging businesses

Extract more value for every dollar spent on your marketing campaigns with an affordable, easy-to-use, marketing automation platform that is pre-integrated with a standard CRM and helps you convert more leads in less time.

Targeted Campaigns

Deliver the right mails to the people who matter to your business and nudge your buyers into purchasing your product or service with precision-targeting of your campaigns.

Meaningful Connections

Connect to your audience by having 1:1 conversations at scale across multiple channels including website, social, sms, email, mobile and push notifications on web.

Email Marketing Plus

Marketing intelligence that tracks your campaigns and gives you insights into customer behavior on what’s working, giving your outreach strategies more teeth by going beyond just email marketing.

One Platform

A marketing automation tool that’s pre-integrated with standard CRM and outfitted with rich features that give you a unified view of your campaigns and complement your Sales & Marketing to win high value deals.

Improved Pipeline

Account-based marketing with data-driven actionable insights result in more accurate qualified leads leading to greater conversions and increasing sales effectiveness.

Buyer Journeys

Orchestrate buyer journeys and influence buying decisions with customized and personalized content that deliver a cohesive and seamless customer experience.

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Camp. Empower your partners with cutting-edge marketing automation

A simplified multi-channel marketing automation platform enabling your channel partners to execute campaigns, and giving you greater control over your Market Development Funds (MDF).

Consistent Messaging

Provide campaign content assets that can be customized by channel partners with ease, and yet maintain the brand integrity by delivering a consistent brand promise.

Greater Visibility

A unified dashboard gives your channel managers greater visibility into market demand created by channel partners’ pipeline, enabling you to deliver undiluted customer experience.

Marketing Tool Kit

Plan, execute, collaborate, monitor, track, and analyze your campaign with just one comprehensive tool that easily integrates with your CRM, giving you better predictability on sales with more accurate sales forecast.

Flexible Plans

Comes in three affordable editions that complement your requirements and serves as a hub in corporate headquarters and principal organizations amplifying marketing campaigns to create business-centric impact.

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